The hospital in Olsztyn has been a leading medical institution providing services for children in northeast Poland for 60 years. We meet the medical needs of children from birth through 18 years of age with regard to diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation and specialist clinic care, also with an opportunity to extend the treatment up to 25 years of age in case of chronic diseases. As regards diagnostics we also provide medical services for adult patients. The hospital comprises 12 wards and 30 clinics and specialist outpatients clinics. Annually, we hospitalize more than 28 thousand patients and give about a quarter of million pieces of medical advice and rehabilitation therapies.

Our chief asset is an opportunity to provide patients with complex care based on highly-skilled and experienced medical personnel as well as a well-developed base: emergency room, intensive care unit, surgical units, conservative treatment units, specialist out-patient clinics and diagnostic units.

Particular attention is focused on affording opportunities for complex care for newborns and infants (including premature babies) based on genetic counseling, the Department of Clinical Pathology and Birth Defects in Newborns and Infants (the department received tertiary referral level – the highest one in Poland), the neonatal intensive care unit, the neonatal surgical unit, clinical counseling and rehabilitation. The hospital has a few leading specialist Polish wards. One of them is the Department of Paediatric Surgery and Urology including Trauma & Burn Unit, renowned for its birth defect surgeries performed on newborns and infants and the application of minimally invasive laparoscopic surgeries.

Another ward – the Trauma & Orthopaedics Department is one of few such medical units in Poland. It performs surgeries of serious spinal disorders in children and young people within so-called the extended paediatric care, which is provided up to 25 years of age. For example, one of its surgeries uses minimally invasive MIDLIF procedure. The Department of Clinical Haematology and Oncology provides treatments for cancer in children, along with chemotherapy and further treatments including out-patient clinic treatment, particularly leukemias, lymphomas and solid tumours.

The Head and Neck Surgery Department provides multi-specialty medical services with regard to ophthalmology (e.g. in case of retinopathy of prematurity) otolaryngology and maxillofacial surgery. The department provides treatments for i.a. congenital craniofacial anomalies including cleft lip and palate and rare gnathic defects. Such treatments are performed by an interdisciplinary team of specialist including maxillofacial surgeons, neurosurgeons, orthodontists, speech therapists, phoniatricians.

The Department of Neurology is a leading unit in Poland with regard to diagnostic treatment for epilepsy and other neurologic diseases. Other specialty departments provide treatments for i.a. kidney diseases, diabetes, rheumatic diseases, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, infectious diseases.

A modern rehabilitation base gives patients the opportunity to make a full recovery or to continue treatment in the Rehabilitation Clinic on a daily or outpatient basis. Throughout rehabilitation therapy our patients are given opportunities not only to increase the efficiency of motor organs but also to introduce improvements to the functioning of organs of hearing, speech and sight, and psychology, speech & language clinics diagnose and employ appropriate therapies.

Dental clinics provide specialist dental services for children and young people. They perform treatments under general anaesthetic and orthodontic treatments.

The hospital is equipped with a modern diagnostic base i.a. a radiology unit including digital diagnostics with X-ray, ultrasound, CAT and MRI scanners, diagnostic laboratory, microbiology laboratory, pathomorphology laboratory, endoscopy laboratory, which performs gastroscopies and colonoscopies (under general anaesthetic too), audiology & phoniatric laboratory, centre for diagnostics and rehabilitation of patients with urinary incontinence, cardiac diagnostic laboratory, EEG and EMG laboratories.

The hospital may boast over the high level of medical quality confirmed by independent experts. As one of the first hospitals in the country we have received the accreditation granted by the National Centre for Quality Assessment in Healthcare (since 1997) and in 2007 we received a certificate of the International Quality Management System ISO 9001 standard.

We are proud to welcome patients from abroad. High quality medical service and competitive prices make our hospital more attractive to patients coming from abroad, mainly from Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Lithuania, the United Kingdom, and even from Kazakhstan.

Patients from abroad are most interested in the following medical services:

* ENT surgeries, e.g. adenotomy,

* Plastic surgeries, e.g. hemangioma or birthmark removals,

* Paediatric urology & surgery, e.g. phimosis and hypospadias,

* Maxillofacial surgeries, e.g. cleft lip and palate repair,

* Orthopaedic surgery,

* Rehabilitation stays (e.g. for patients suffering from cerebral palsy)

including patients and their carers` accommodation in furnished guest

rooms, therapies in the Rehabilitation Clinic,

* Epilepsy treatment in the Department of Neurology,

* Dental treatments,

* Neurologi cal diagnos t i c s (elec t romyography – EMG,

electroencphalography – EEG),

*  Specialist counseling with regard to ophthalmology, neurology,

gastroenterology (e.g. celiac disease treatment), orthopaedics.

Attention! Patients from abroad may expect us to provide each service

detailed in our package.


Our assets:

* Opportunities for parents to stay together with their children in

modern guest rooms (it is applicable to rehabilitation stays), and 24-

hour stay at other departments, in separate rooms wherever possible,

* Competitive prices,

* TV, Internet access, day rooms,

* Cheap and tasty meals (hospital kitchen and bar),

* Car park under 24-hour watch,

*  Easy connections with Kaliningrad Oblast (Russian Federation) – about

2-hour drive, and with the Baltic states,

*  We help to go through Polish visa application process.


Prof. dr Stanislaw Popowski Regional Specialized Children’s Hospital

Żołnierska 18 a street, 10-561 Olsztyn

tel. 89 539 34 55, fax. 89 533 77 01


(Information in English and Russian)

e-mail: sekretariat@wssd.olsztyn.pl